About EJ Interior Design


Residential & Commercial Design Services

Who we are

A team of professional Interior Designers with 36 years of experience, working with skilled trades people, creating beautiful and effective places to live and work in. 

Our approach is to assist home and business owners in their decision making by listening to their needs and desires, defining their goals and translating those into cohesive design plans.  This minimizes the stress involved in the building process, saves time and money, and helps to avoid costly mistakes.  We work directly with you, your architect and / or contractor, with great attention to detail to ensure your vision and goals are attained.

Green Design

We encourage clients to consider and explore the use of natural, sustainable materials and systems in renovation and new construction.  We can assist you in reviewing the options available. 

There are many ways we can start to make a difference: re-thinking what our real needs are, designing spaces for more effective use of our time and resources, restoring and re-using existing features and furnishings,  choosing healthier, low VOC  finishes, creative use of recycled and local materials, and  purchasing fewer things of finer, longer-lasting quality.

“Interior Design is about visual and spatial problem solving.  We enjoy creative design with beautiful finishes, yet it's working with people that makes it worthwhile.  We consider it a privilege to be invited into people's homes and work places, and trusted to make a difference for the better.” 
                                                                                    Elliott Willis & Joy Sarauer